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Oyster Bed Mapping Project Summary

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     As a part of our oyster restoration efforts, Maryland Geological Survey and DNR Fisheries Service have formed a cooperative project to map potential and existing oyster beds and potential sites for oyster bed restoration.  This project brings together resources from both agencies to explore tidewater Maryland's oyster resources using remote sensing techniques.  The project draws on the Survey's knowledge and experience with a variety of new technologies.

     Using MGS's remote sensing capabilities and the facilities onboard DNR's R/V Kerhin, the this project is defining areas of the Chesapeake Bay bottom where oysters have historically grown, where they are currently growing, and where they might succeed in the future.  Identification of bottom characteristics prior to planting of shell and seed oysters enhances the probability of planting success and provides for the most effective use of limited shell and seed resources.  Bottom surveys produced by this project are being used to identify the most effective locations for oyster restoration programs in the Chesapeake Bay.

Overview of Acoustic Survey

2003 Oyster Mapping Project coverage
Project coverage as of 2006:

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