Maryland Department of Natural Resources


Geologic Map of Prince George's County, Maryland

2003, John D. Glaser (Silt- Loam Soils with Hardpan in Upland Deposits from Hack (1977))

Geologic Map of Prince George's County, Maryland

Geologic field mapping for the original county geologic map was completed by J.D. Glaser in 1996. The geologic map was compiled in digital form and edited by Heather Quinn, Maryland Geological Survey. Additional digital support provided by Catherine Luckhardt, Towson University, Center for Geographic Information Sciences.

Revisions, corrections and updates to the original geologic map will be completed periodically as needed and as additional data becomes available. The July 2006 release includes an updated county boundary, updated hydrographic features and corresponding changes and corrections to the map layout. The geologic layer has been updated to reflect these changes in the base layers and, in the southeastern corner of the county, the geology has been modified to reflect the digital geologic data available for the Benedict quadrangle (mapped at a more detailed, larger, 1:24,000 scale) (Glaser, 2002). Corrections to cross-sections have also been made.

Original digital release April 2003
Version: PGGEO2003.2, release July 2006