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    Geologist III
    The incumbent will carry out multiple primary and diverse functions associated with developing and conducting studies of the quality and quantity of groundwater resources of Maryland by collecting and analyzing data, interpreting results, and publishing reports. An important function of this position will be to act as lead investigator in studies that collect and interpret hydrogeological, hydrochemical, and geophysical data to evaluate characteristics of hydrogeologic units. Another function of this position is to analyze groundwater quality data to develop conceptual models of geochemical environments in Maryland groundwater. The position will also assist with projects led by other science-team members. More routine duties of the position include: (1) compiling and editing hydrogeologic data using ArcGIS, and other software, (2) compiling data tables and plots of water-quality data and groundwater levels, (3) producing and updating graphics and maps summarizing data collection and hydrogeologic analyses, and (4) gathering field data, including collecting and processing groundwater-quality samples, inventorying wells, setting up data recorders, and measuring groundwater levels. Less frequent duties include assisting in test-drilling activities, including collecting and describing drill cuttings and cores, aquifer testing, and surveying new wells. Work frequently requires contact with property owners, well drillers, consulting engineers and geologists, water-utility operators, and government personnel involved in water-resources management and regulation. The position often coordinates activities among multiple local, state, and federal government agencies.

    Application Deadline: 9/24/2021 11:59:00 PM

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