Maryland Department of Natural Resources

MGS Staff Directory

Name Telephone
Stephen Van Ryswick, Director (410) 554-5544
Tina Chinedu Mbonu, Administrative Officer (410) 554-5511
Public Information, Publications, and Library Services (410) 554-5505
Glen Shinholt, Maintenance Engineer (410) 554-5564
Coastal and Environmental Geology Program
Vacant, Chief -- --
Rebecca H. Kavage Adams, Geologist (410) 554-5553
Joseph P. Allman, Geologist (410) 554-5542
Gillian Branam, Geologist (410) 554-5516
Dr. David K. Brezinski, Geologist (410) 554-5526
Timothy Cooney, Geologist (410) 554-5545
Ashley Eick, Geologist (410) 554-5516
Anna Gillmor, Geochemist (410) 554-5518
Ryan Higgins, Geologist (410) 554-5523
Dr. Anthony S. Reisinger, Geologist (410) 554-5541
Dale W. Shelton, Public Affairs Officer/Geologist/Education Coordinator (410) 554-5505
William Vincett, Geologist (410) 554-5543
Jeremy Wiles, Geologist (410) 554-5545
Hydrogeology and Hydrology Program
Andrew Staley, Chief (410) 554-5561
David C. Andreasen, (Retired Chief, Technical Contractor) ------
Dr. Rubina Firdous, Hydrogeologist (410) 554-5551
Johanna Gemperline, Hydrogeologist (410) 554-5552
Isabel Glasman, Geologist (443) 743-3011
Kirk Marks, Hydrogeologist (410) 554-5558
Heather Quinn, Geologist (410) 554-5522
Thomas Ulizio, Geologist (410) 554-5560
Tyler Van Ness, Geologist (410) 554-5550
Annapolis (Tawes B-3) Lab Office (410) 260-8816
Support Services
SECURITY OFFICER (410) 554-5508 — —
Maryland Geological Survey 2018:
Front Row (left to right): Darlene Wells (retired), Johanna Gemperline, Dave Bolton (retired), Jon Achmad (retired), Isabel Glasman.
2nd Row (left to right): Bryan Nicholson (no longer with the Survey), Rebecca Kavage Adams, Anna Gillmor, David Andreasen, Tiffany VanDerwerker (no longer with the Survey).
3rd Row (left to right): Rich Ortt (former Director), Andy Staley, Stephen Van Ryswick (Director), Katie Knippler, Tina Chinedu Mbonu.
Back Row (left to right): Chris Connallon (no longer with the Survey), Dale Shelton, Heather Quinn, Jeff Halka (Director Emeritus), Bruce Michael (retired Director, DNR Resource Assessment Service).
Not pictured: Joseph Allman, Gillian Branam, David Brezinski, Timothy Cooney, Ashley Eick, Rubina Firdous, Ryan Higgins, Kirk Marks, Anthony Reisinger, Thomas Ulizio, Tyler Van Ness, Will Vincett, Jeremy Wiles, and Glen Shinholt

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