Maryland Department of Natural Resources

MGS Staff by Areas of Expertise


If you have questions specific to Maryland geology, groundwater, earthquakes, aquifer water quality, oil and natural gas, fossils, dinosaurs, minerals, and so on, please refer to list below to contact the appropriate MGS staff member. If you don't know where to start, you can contact our education specialist and he'll get you to the right person. You may call him at 410-554-5505 or send an e-mail to

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Aerial photographs: Dale Shelton
Aggregate resources: David Brezinski
Appalachian geology: David Brezinski, Rebbecca Kavage Adams
Appalachian plateau: David Brezinski, Rebbecca Kavage Adams
Aquifer tests: David Andreasen
Arsenic: Tiffany VanDerwerker
Atlantic Ocean: Richard Ortt, Stephen Van Ryswick


Bathymetric maps: Stephen Van Ryswick, Richard Ortt
Bedrock geology: David Brezinski, Rebbecca Kavage Adams
Blue Ridge Mountains (geology): David Brezinski, Rebbecca Kavage Adams


Caves: David Brezinski, Richard Ortt
Carbon sequestration: David Brezinski, Richard Ortt
Chesapeake Bay: Richard Ortt, Stephen Van Ryswick Coal-bearing strata: David Brezinski
Coal bed methane: David Brezinski
Coastal Plain hydrogeology: David Andreasen, Heather Quinn, Andy Staley
Continental Shelf: Richard Ortt, Stephen Van Ryswick
Core & cuttings repository: Heather Quinn


Data Preservation: Heather Quinn
Digital mapping: Heather Quinn
Dredging: Richard Ortt, Stephen Van Ryswick
Drone Surveying: Stephen Van Ryswick, Beth Sylvia


Earthquakes: Richard Ortt
Eastern Shore geology: Heather Quinn
Eastern Shore hydrogeology: David Andreasen, Andy Staley


Fossils: Dale Shelton
Fossil collecting: Dale Shelton, David Brezinski
Fossil identification: Dale Shelton, David Brezinski


General Maryland geology: Dale Shelton
Geochemistry: Anna Gillmor
Geologic Mapping - central & western Maryland: David Brezinski, Rebbecca Kavage Adams
Geologic Mapping - Coastal Plain: Heather Quinn
Geologic Maps: Heather Quinn, Rebbecca Kavage Adams
Geologic sites: Dale Shelton
Geophysical logs: David Andreasen
Groundwater: David Andreasen
Groundwater availability: David Andreasen, Andy Staley
Groundwater contamination: David Andreasen
Groundwater exploration and modeling: David Andreasen
Groundwater levels: David Andreasen
Groundwater monitoring network: Andy Staley, Heather Quinn
Groundwater quality: Johanna Gemperline, Tiffany VanDerwerker


Hydraulic fracturing: David Brezinski
Hydrogeology: David Andreasen
Hydrogeologic framework: David Andreasen, Andy Staley
Hydrology: David Andreasen


Karst: David Brezinski


Landslides: David Brezinski


Maps: Dale Shelton,
Marcellus Shale: David Brezinski
Mining: David Brezinski, Heather Quinn


Observation wells: Andy Staley, Heather Quinn
Ocean City beach replenishment: Stephen Van Ryswick, Richard Ortt
Offshore sand resources: Stephen Van Ryswick, Christopher Connallon


Public information and outreach: Dale Shelton
Publications: Dale Shelton


Radium: David Andreasen
Radon: David Andreasen
Rock collecting: Dale Shelton
Rock quarries: David Brezinski


Salt-water intrusion: David Andreasen
Sand and gravel: Heather Quinn
Seafloor Mapping: Stephen Van Ryswick, Christopher Connallon
Sea-level change: Stephen Van Ryswick
Shoreline Rates of Change: Beth Sylvia
Sinkholes: David Andreasen, David Brezinski
Speakers-geology: Dale Shelton
Speakers-groundwater topics: Tiffany VanDerwerker


Tides: Stephen Van Ryswick


Well water quality: Tiffany VanDerwerker, Johanna Gemperline
Water Supply: David Andreasen, Andy Staley
Well data: David Andreasen
Well regulations: Heather Quinn