Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Current Projects

Project Staff Region

Water-level Monitoring

Anne Arundel County Observation-Well Network David Andreasen Coastal Plain
Charles County Observation-Well Network Andy Staley Coastal Plain
Queen Anne's County Observation-Well Network Johanna Gemperline Coastal Plain
Southern Maryland Potentiometric Surface Maps (Power Plant Research Project) David Andreasen, Andrew Staley, and Stephen Curtin (USGS) Coastal Plain
State-wide Monitoring Network David Bolton State-wide

Water Supply

Groundwater sustainability MGS, USGS, and DNR science teams State-wide

Water Quality

Monitoring Groundwater in the Marcellus Shale Region David Bolton and Johanna Gemperline Fractured Rock
Kent Island Salt-Water Intrusion Monitoring Johanna Gemperline Coastal Plain


Anne Arundel County Land Subsidence Study David Andreasen Coastal Plain
Land subsidence-monitoring network to assess the potential effects of groundwater withdrawals in Southern Maryland David Andreasen Coastal Plain